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Brand Story – Shalala

Brand Story

Let’s write your story with your dear
With your coffee –
bên tách cà phê nguyên chất, đúng vị
In life, each person undergoes a period of cherished a lot of dreams, from small to great, we can love, can experience and can also give up. But just one touch of true dreams, you will realize that is the way for you, then “crazy” pursue, make it into reality with all the passion, effort of self. And on the road full of thorns, so hard, certainly can not lack a “companion” called Coffee.

Valium Online Sweden Shalala is of the opinion that choosing the right kind of coffee is the same as choosing a dream in life: not trendy, not too great, but to be appropriate. most with yourself. Each person has their own “gu” coffee different from the taste: people like the bitter taste to Vietnamese taste of Robusta, who love sour sweet taste subtle delicate, subtle fragrance fragrance from Arabica; The mixing methods: phase, phase, traditional or modern Italian style, extremely diverse and rich. But, Shalala believes that, despite the taste and style of your enjoyment in the world of large coffee today there is always a coffee that suits you, as well as everyone will have. a true dream of their own.

At the Shalala chain, we choose the best quality beans from the best farms, apply advanced roasting technology and technology, European standards and a passion for burning. Coffee with only one aspiration: bring the cup of coffee is delicious, pure, true taste and ready to accompany you on the way to realize your own dream.

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Not to be confused with the quality of the product, the Shalala chain is of particular interest and focus on the shop space. With a monochrome design, sophisticated decoration, harmony and quiet space, Shalala chain stores are confident to be the right place, a great choice for you to write the story of self.

With your dear –
bên những người thân yêu
On the way to realize each person’s dream, there will be no lack of companionship and support from loved ones. This is the most powerful motivation to help you rise, cope with difficulties or cumbersome tired feet.
Understanding that, besides coffee, Shalala also owns a diversified menu with products and beverages that meet the quality, health, hygienic standards with food safety certification. ISO 22000: 2005 & HACCP such as French Cream, Shalala Signature, organic products, etc.
Bring your loved ones peace of mind, help you stay strong on the journey of creating your own dreams.
With your business passion –
bên niềm đam mê kinh doanh
Not only with the customer on the road to build the dream, Shalala series is a reliable stepping stone for you to send and continue your passion for business. With its franchise business model, Shalala understands it will be an ideal “shortcut” to help its customers get closer to their dreams, a tight connection, a muscle A great business experience for youngsters with the same entrepreneurial passion, passion for starting a business and raising a desire to build a solid business career.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business but still thinking about finances as well as the choice of a business model and complex “logistics” elements, then the business model Shalala franchise will be an optimal choice for you. All you need is a small amount of capital, a little bit of business passion to manage and “swoon on the branches” with profits up to 50-70%, left “world Let Shalala worry. “

If possible
with you
write the story
Best regards
French Café and Ice Cream Shop Shalala
Offering quality products that meet the needs and tastes of each customer and ready to accompany them on the road to write their own story is the great mission of
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Latest news
 by Jane Doe –  0.01.2017
On July 26th, Shalala was honored to be present at the inauguration of VinMart at “Vietnam’s tallest building” – Landmark 81 …
 by Jane Doe –  0.01.2017
On July 26th, Shalala was honored to be present at the inauguration of VinMart at “Vietnam’s tallest building” – Landmark 81 …
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